Sat 27 - Mon 29 May
Ayr Beachfront
10 / £8

Written by Victoria Bianchi in association with South Ayrshire Place Partnership.

My mother used to take us down the front every Saturday. I’m no’ the same since she went, it’s the mother that holds everybody together.

This new play, performed at Ayr Beachfront, explores the lives of women who have grown up and lived on Scotland’s West Coast. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters turn back the years and invite you to experience Ayr Beach in a way you never have before. Inspired by stories collected from South Ayrshire residents, Souvenir gives a voice to the women of the region and offers an insight into the lives they have led. Weaving these characters together with storytelling and live music, it sheds light on our sense of community, our relationship with nature and with each other.

Please note: this performance will take place outside, and will involve some walking – please dress appropriately.