Haverin' Hoolie / Some Comedy Yeah


Sat 4 May
Starts at 1pm

The Haiverin' Hoolie will have a programme of performers!

Why not then, come and try your own hand at poetry, spoken word or music in our Open Mic Session.?!

Adults - stay on for Some Comedy Yeah afterwards from 6pm - 8pm.

1pm - Ian White, 1.15pm - Jean Hillhouse, 1.30pm - Carolyn O'Hara, 1.45pm - Tracy Harvey, 2pm - Cathy Costello, 2.15pm - Esther Steed, 2.30pm - Lorna Wallace, 2.45pm - George Cameron, 3pm - Emma Durkin, 3.15pm - Fiona McFadzean, 3.30pm - Robert Neil, 3.45pm - Jean Hillhouse, 4pm - Carolyn O'Hara, 4.15pm - Esther Steed, 4.30pm - Cathy Costello, 4.45pm - George Cameron, 5pm - Lorna Wallace, 5.15pm - Ian White, 5.30pm - Tracy Harvey


6.10pm - Ian White introduces Some Comedy Yeah (suitable for adults only), 6.15pm - Stephen Buchanan, 6.45pm - Robert Neil, 6.55pm - Stuart Harris, 7.10pm - Graeme Barrie, 7.30pm - Rachel Jackson, 7.50pm - Joe McSloy