Alexander Goudie's Tam o' Shanter Exhibition, Jigsaw and Guided Tours

Burns Hame Toun

Guided Tours Wed 22 - Sun 26 Jan
Rozelle Gallery

Alexander Goudie said of his Tam o’ Shanter series that he wanted to “tell a story in pictures and to speak with a clear voice.” His compelling narrative cycle, beautifully realized, was the culmination of a lifetime’s experience and observation as a painter. Brimming with all the energy and pace of the original poem, Rozelle House hosts a permanent exhibition of 27 of the series, depicting the hapless Tam, the heroic Meg, and guest starring the South Ayrshire landscape in the background! Also on display, are objects from the Tam o’ Shanter Museum collections that are directly associated with Burns himself, such as the table which Tam and Souter Johnnie reputedly drank at, a pair of Burns’ socks and a diamond tipped stylus with which he inscribed verse on window panes as inspiration struck.

Guided tours are available Wed 22 – Sun 26 Jan 2020 at 2pm

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